Network Membership

The Welcoming Economies Global Network focuses on economic and community development initiatives across a 10-state region (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York). WE Global Network invites governments, nonprofits, and economic development organizations that welcome, retain, and empower immigrant communities in the 10-state region to join the Network.

For membership inquiries contact Christina Pope at

General Membership

General membership is available to any organization that supports the mission and values of the WE Global Network.


  • Access to research and tools
  • Participation in joint days of action / joint communications efforts
  • Discount to annual convening and other events
  • Access to webinars
  • Eligible to apply for technical assistance that builds skills and capacity required for core membership (dependent on WE Global resources)

Annual Dues

Organizational BudgetDues
Under $50,000$50
$50,000 – $199,999$100
$200,000 – $399,999$125
$400,000 – $599,999$150
$600,000 or more$200

Core Membership

Core membership is available to organizations (including local governments) within the 10-state WE Global footprint who are leading the development and/or implementation of a local immigrant economic/community development initiative in their community. WE Global core members are generally involved in two or more immigrant economic/community development activities that welcome, retain, and/or empower immigrants. Multiple core members may join from the same region. Organizations are evaluated for membership eligibility based on their application.

Core membership is also available to organizations who pursue immigrant economic development in a state, region, or municipality which shares most of the same characteristics as WE Global communities. Organizations outside of the 10-state WE Global footprint must meet the Network’s established demographic criteria and be approved by the WE Global steering committee.

Core membership dues are $250 in addition to the general membership dues along the sliding scale above.


  • All general member benefits
  • Access to Core Members Day of annual convening
  • Travel scholarships to annual convening
  • Eligible to apply for city-to-city visit travel scholarships
  • Featured on core members section of WE Global website
  • Featured in WE Global communications
  • Eligible for technical assistance and coaching
  • Elect the WE Global Steering Committee
  • May apply to serve on the WE Global Steering Committee

Dual Membership with Welcoming America

Both core and general WE Global members may become part of the Welcoming America Network​ as well​ for no additional fee​.