Agenda 360 is a regional action plan designed to collaboratively transform Cincinnati USA into a leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs, and economic opportunity for all who call the region home by the year 2020.

Agenda 360 has three overarching goals:

  • Keep talented workers in the region and attract new ones;
  • Grow new jobs and retain existing jobs and
  • Provide economic opportunity and a good quality of life for everyone.

Key measures of success:

  • Talent: 150,000 additional 20-34 year olds in the region’s workforce
  • Jobs: 200,000 net new jobs in the region
  • Economic Opportunity: Gainful employment for 90 percent of our labor force by 2020

Agenda 360 works closely with Vision 2015, a similar plan for growing Northern Kentucky’s economy, bringing the work to a regional scale. Both organizations use collective impact as their framework for transformative change.

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