In May 2014, Mayor Peduto launched the Welcoming Pittsburgh initiative, convening a diverse, distinguished 40-person Advisory Council from more than 100 applicants to collaborate in developing priorities and recommendations. The process included seven Advisory Council planning sessions, as well as a broad public-outreach initiative that engaged more than 3,000 people to ensure a community-driven planning process. Community input and direction from the Advisory Council provided the basis for the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan, which will be used to improve the lives of all immigrants by creating more informed, diverse, and welcoming experiences throughout our city; while ensuring Pittsburgh is most livable for all.

“Our best attraction strategy is how we treat, empower, and connect with our current residents, which is why I am calling today for all Pittsburghers to join me in making Pittsburgh a model city for immigrant integration. A city others will look to and see thriving diverse neighborhoods where, whether you are a second generation Italian-American, African-American, Bhutanese refugee, or Latino, you welcome your neighbor because you understand that their success is your success.”

– Mayor Peduto