Immigrant Welcome Center (IWC) was established in 2006 in Indianapolis, as a direct result of the growing immigrant and refugee population and an increased demand for support and resources. Today the organization is focused on strengthening immigrant families and supporting and implementing activities that build community.

In doing so, IWC runs a ‘Natural Helpers Program’ in which trained immigrant volunteers work within communities to connect newcomers to the basic services, educational programs, employment opportunities and information on housing that they need to feel welcomed and be successful. With five branches in existing community-based sites, IWC is helping to increase outreach efforts in neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of immigrants. These branches improve access to information and resources to individuals and families.  Every month, IWC hosts community workshops and education sessions on a variety of cross-cultural topics intended to increase community knowledge and awareness about diversity issues. Session topics are geared towards foreign-born and U.S.-born residents. IWC is working in partnership with Welcoming America.

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