Vibrant Pittsburgh was launched in December of 2010 as an economic development entity to work collaboratively with employers and community organizations for the purpose of ensuring the growth and economic competitiveness of the Pittsburgh region. The organization’s mission is to embrace inclusion; ensure the Pittsburgh region’s growth by attracting, retaining and elevating a diversity of talent; and promote the region nationally and internationally as a diverse, welcoming region of opportunities. With the support and participation of human resource departments, recruiting firms, elected officials, professional organizations, employee resource groups, universities, colleges and civic groups, Vibrant Pittsburgh is attracting diverse talent to the region and increasing the flow of diverse candidates pursuing opportunities with local employers. The organization’s retention efforts include a Welcome Center with newcomer programs; strategic partnerships with Affinity Groups that serve as magnets for more diverse talent; community engagement initiatives that promote the region’s diverse communities and support networks to create an environment where people of all backgrounds can come, pursue a career and thrive. Vibrant Pittsburgh is committed to welcoming newcomers while also working with community leaders to elevate and advance local diverse talent and address barriers to a more inclusive and diverse region.