The Welcome Dayton Plan – written by the community and endorsed by the City Commission – was established in 2011. It provides a broad policy framework for creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment for immigrants. Welcome Dayton connects projects already underway, while also promoting new initiatives, creating a community-fueled, collaborative agenda to transform Dayton into an immigrant-friendly city.

Since its formation, Welcome Dayton has increased positive community police relations, built community through the arts, increased access to services for limited English proficient residents, changed perceptions of immigrants through positive media coverage, and built awareness of existing immigrant friendly services offered throughout the private and public sectors.

Welcome Dayton’s work falls into five focus areas: Business and Economic Development; Community, Culture, and Arts; Education; Government and Justice; and Health and Social Services. Welcome Dayton is staffed by full-time program coordinator, two fair housing mentors, and a volunteer Commission appointed committee with 32 current members.

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