Initial Convening of the WE Global Network

June 6, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan

In 2013, Global Detroit drafted a concept paper to illustrate the benefits that organized collaboration would offer immigrant economic development groups in the Midwest. The concept paper was distributed to nearly a dozen local initiatives, as well as potential funders. Global Detroit raised some $30,000 towards the 2013 Initial WE Global Network Convening convening in Detroit.

The initial convening of the WE Global Network was held in Detroit, Michigan in June of 2013, and featured over 150 participants, including nearly a dozen separate major Midwest metro areas who have either launched, planned, or are considering launching such an initiative.

The second day of the Detroit convening was reserved for an exploratory conversation about establishing a network of immigrant economic development organizations. By the end of the second day over a dozen organizations agreed to form a network and helped generate a mission statement and three core values.