Working with Ethnic Media Webinar available

Last Thursday, the WE Global Network and New America Media hosted a webinar to explore the many ways immigrant economic development organizations can engage with ethnic media to better connect with local immigrant populations.  Ethnic media leaders are often community leaders as well, and can be highly valuable partners for entities such as those in our Network, and others working with immigrant communities.

Ethnic Media outlets can provide a direct link to the local immigrant communities, not only because they often write or broadcast in languages other than English, but because they function as acommunity paper, involved in the day to day life of the populations they speak to.  They can serve as conduits between receiving communities, municipalities, and service organizations, and immigrant communities, and bring attention to the issues facing ethnic populations.

The webinar also announced the launch of a new contest, “A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur,” to gather stories about immigrant entrepreneurs in an effort to spotlight the important role they play in our local economies.  Learn more about the contest and how you can participate here, and please pass it on to your networks.

To watch or listen to the webinar click here, and check out our tweets at #GlobalGL.